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Nanjing Guhua Metalwork Co., Ltd. (NGM) was established in 2003 and is located in Xiongzhou Industrial Park, Luhe District, Nanjing China.

NGM’s core business is the manufacture of Access Scaffolding & Formwork products and accessories. Through great diligence, attention to details and an inherent capacity to learn, NGM has grown into the access industry and has steadily built a reputation as a respected supplier of quality Scaffolding products. NGM’s factory covers a plan area of 25,000m2 with plants and equipment valued at 8 million dollars. The company employs 280 persons nationally at its headquarters in Nanjing and 30 persons (Sales, Marketing & Logistics) internationally at its operations in UK, America, Kenya, Uganda, etc.


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ADD: Xiongzhou Industrial Park, Luhe District, 211500 Nanjing, P.R.CHINA
Tel: 86-25-57530357


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