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Integrated Safety Ladder Cage

The Guhua Prefabricated Integrated Construction Protection Safety Ladder Cage serves as a dual-function safety system for construction sites, providing a secure vertical passage and a multi-level working platform for workers. It's designed for circular columns and small square piers, ensuring easy assembly with its standardized components. The product features safety nets and handrails to prevent falls, offering a safe environment for various construction activities. Its modular design allows for swift relocation, optimizing workflow efficiency. Overall, this ladder cage is a testament to safety, functionality, and efficiency in construction settings.
  • Integrated Safety Ladder Cage

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GUHUA Integrated Safety Ladder Cage System Overview

The Guhua Prefabricated Integrated Construction Protection Safety Ladder Cage, known as lantern frame, is designed by NGM. It's a comprehensive solution that combines a vertical passage with a working platform, specifically tailored for circular columns and small square piers in construction settings. Here's a clearer breakdown of its features, specifications, and components.

Key Features

Available Sizes: 4300x3600x2000mm, 4800x4000x2000mm, and 5800x3600x2000mm.

Ease of Assembly: The ladder cage comes with standardized components for quick and easy assembly and disassembly.

Safety Measures: Equipped with safety nets, the pathway ensures the protection of workers from falls.

Enhanced Efficiency: The design allows multiple workers to operate at different levels simultaneously, performing various tasks like steel reinforcement and template assembly.

Mobility: Thanks to its modular design, the structure can be easily relocated using cranes, enhancing the overall workflow efficiency.


The safety ladder cage is composed of several key components, each playing a vital role in its functionality:

  • Connecting Beams: Provide structural support and stability.

  • Base Beams & Base Connecting Beams: Form the base of the cage, ensuring a solid foundation.

  • Frame Side Frames & Beam Side Frames: Contribute to the framework, providing the necessary shape and support.

  • Footboards & Galvanized Tread Plates: Offer a stable surface for workers to stand and move on.

  • Stairs and Stair Handrails: Facilitate safe and easy vertical movement within the cage.

  • Protective Net Pillars & Safety Protection Nets: Ensure worker safety by preventing falls.

  • Beam Side Frame Nets: Additional safety feature for side protection.

These components are constructed using robust welding techniques with steel materials that meet national standards. The assembly is done according to precise diagrams to ensure strong welds and the utmost safety.

In summary, the Guhua Prefabricated Integrated Construction Protection Safety Ladder Cage represents Guangdong Tengsheng Technology's commitment to safety and efficiency in construction. Its thoughtful design and reliable components make it an essential feature for modern construction sites.



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