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Concrete Wall Formwork

The Guhua Concrete Wall Formwork is a highly flexible system, designed to accommodate a wide variety of construction tasks. Its adaptability allows for customization in the shapes and sizes of the elements, making it ideal for various structural requirements. The system's high level of flexibility is achieved with only three main components, simplifying the construction process while meeting diverse construction needs. This design approach provides a practical solution for constructing concrete walls in different settings, ensuring both efficiency and versatility in modern construction projects.
  • VTF 120

  • NGM

GUHUA VTF 120 Wall Formwork System Overview

Guhua Wall Formwork VTF 120 is designed to be tailored to many very diverse types of task, so it gives you ideal scope for adapting the shapes and sizes of the elements to suit your structure.High flexibility with only three main system components can meet any construction requirements.

Versatile and Adaptable

  • Tailored to diverse task types, offering flexibility in shapes and sizes for various structures.

  • High flexibility with only three main system components to meet any construction requirements.

Efficient Design

  • Adjustable beams and waling spacing based on concrete pressure requirements, ensuring optimal formwork design and material economy.

  • Pre-assembled options available to save time, cost, and space on-site.

Installation and Connections

  • Easy and quick installation with connectors, allowing crane lifting and direct site transfer.

  • Marked formworks with series numbers for organized installation.

  • Scientific design ensuring smooth and tight inter-formwork connections.

  • Solutions for various connections including external/internal corners and circular walls.

NGM_Concrete_Wall_Formwork_VTF120_assembling procedure


NGM VTF120 system is your ideal solution for walls of buildings, especially for large-scale walls. It will ensure you a speedy progress whatever the high requirements are. Special solutions for bridge, tunnel, power plant and other industrial construction.




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