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Steel Formwork

The Guhua Steel Formwork System is a high-strength, durable solution designed to shape concrete structures with precision. Its modular design allows for rapid assembly and flexible adaptation to varying structural dimensions. The unique node treatment with hook bolts and rib blocks ensures tight, leak-proof joints. Optimized for quality and efficiency, Guhua's system streamlines the construction process, ensuring superior concrete finishes and geometric accuracy. This system represents Guhua's commitment to innovative and sustainable construction practices
  • VSF 120

  • NGM

GUHUA Steel Formwork System VSF120 Overview

The Guhua Steel Formwork System is engineered for optimal performance in concrete structure shaping. Crafted from 6mm thick steel and reinforced with 8# channel steel for vertical support and double 12# channel steel for horizontal waling, our system emphasizes strength, stability, and minimal deformation.

Design Innovation for Versatility

The horizontal waling can be easily detached from the formwork panels, drawing on the flexibility of aluminum formwork designs. This feature allows for a versatile combination of panels to suit the varying dimensions of concrete structures, leading to high reuse rates and cost efficiency in formwork turnover.

Seamless Assembly and Strong Connections

Guhua's design includes precise node treatment, where hook bolts and rib blocks are used to connect the horizontal waling to the steel formwork panels, ensuring snug joints and a secure, grout-tight assembly during concrete pours.

Streamlined On-Site Assembly

Formwork panels are preassembled into larger sections as per construction drawings, making on-site assembly straightforward and efficient. Once the larger panels are bolted together, the entire structure is hoisted into position, forming a complete and secure system ready for concrete casting.

Quality Assurance for High Standards

Complying with rigorous national standards, the Guhua Steel Formwork System ensures the quality of steel materials, dimensional precision, and surface smoothness, promising superior concrete finishes and an exacting geometric profile.

Opt for the Guhua Steel Formwork System for your construction projects, where innovative design meets flexibility, and durability ensures lasting value. Our system is a testament to Guhua's commitment to delivering formwork solutions that stand the test of time.



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