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Matic Table Formwork

The Guhua Matic Table Formwork (MTF 20) is an innovative, upgraded version of the Guhua TTF 20, designed to enhance construction efficiency. It features superior structural integrity for robust and reliable construction. The MTF 20 offers advanced maneuverability, facilitating easy movement and repositioning on site. Its design is focused on labor-saving capabilities, reducing the need for extensive manpower. This state-of-the-art system transforms construction practices, making it ideal for modern, large-scale projects.
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GUHUA Matic Table Formwork System Overview

The Guhua MTF 20 is a state-of-the-art formwork system, embodying innovation and efficiency as the upgraded version of the Guhua TTF 20. It's designed to transform construction with its superior structural integrity, advanced maneuverability, and labor-saving capabilities.

Features & Advantages

Upgraded Component: Transitions from double timber beam to steel waling, significantly enhancing load-bearing capacity.

Advanced Matic Swivel Head: Facilitates the folding of steel props, optimizing maneuverability and space management.

Efficient Lifting and Positioning: Designed for easy and quick removal from tight spaces using a lifting hook.

Labor-Saving: Streamlines construction processes, reducing the need for extensive manual labor and expediting project timelines.


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