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Concrete Single-side Wall Formwork

The Guhua Single Side Formwork is an innovative solution designed for projects where form-ties cannot be placed through the formwork elements or panels to anchor them to the opposing side. This system is specifically engineered to safely transfer concrete forces in such scenarios. It boasts a maximum pouring height of up to 8.0 meters, accommodating a range of construction requirements. This formwork is ideal for constrained spaces or unique structural conditions where traditional formwork methods are impractical.
  • SSF 20

  • NGM

Guhua Single Side Fromwork System Overview

Single side brackets SSF20 transfer the fresh concrete pressure into the sub-structure and foundations during single-sided concreting of structural elements. It can be used with all NGM wall formwork systems. In addition, SSF 20 can be used as horizontal heavy-duty brackets.

Products Features

  • Very versatile use with all NGM wall formwork as well as horizontal heavy-duty brackets;

  • Quickly connected without additional components as all required connection parts are already mounted on the brackets;

  • Easy to transport by matching the individual component geometries to suit truck and container dimensions.

NGM_Singside Wall Formwork_construction supporting frame_b

Key Features:

NGM_Singside Wall Formwork_construction supporting frame_c

Tensile forces are reliably transferred by means of diagonal anchors. 

◎Modular vertical stacking facility. Optimum adaptability to the required pour height,from 4.00 m up to max. 8.0 m 

◎Adapts to the uneven ground by means of spindles with articulated footplates 

◎Adjusting for the different fresh-concrete pressures required is easy and economical–simply increase or decrease the spacing between the supporting frames, as appropriate The high-speed repositioning can be by crane or by travelling unit on rails or rollers

Products Details

NGM_Singside Wall Formwork_construction supporting frame_d


  • Stop-ends for foundation slabs 

  • Retaining walls 

  • Casting against masonry walls  

  • Underground-railway construction projects 

  • Casting mass concrete 

  • For supporting starter-block formwork used in dam-building projects



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