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Concrete Single-side Wall Formwork

Single side formwork SSF 20 for safety with single-sided wall formwork Where it is not possible to place a form-tie through the formwork elements or panels to anchor them to the opposing formwork, "Supporting construction frames" enable the concrete forces to be safely transferred.
  • SSF 20
  • NGM

Single side brackets SSF20 transfer the fresh concrete pressure into the sub-structure and foundations during single-sided concreting of structural elements. It can be used with all NGM wall formwork systems. In addition, SSF 20 can be used as horizontal heavy-duty brackets;

Products Features

  • Very versatile use with all NGM wall formwork as well as horizontal heavy-duty brackets;

  • Quickly connected without additional components as all required connection parts are already mounted on the brackets;

  • Easy to transport by matching the individual component geometries to suit truck and container dimensions.

NGM_Singside Wall Formwork_construction supporting frame_b

AdvantagesNGM_Singside Wall Formwork_construction supporting frame_c

◎Tensile forces are reliably transferred by means of diagonal anchors. 

Modular vertical stacking facility. Optimum adaptability to the required pour height,from 4.00 m up to max. 8.0 m 

Adapts to the uneven ground by means of spindles with articulated footplates 

Adjusting for the different fresh-concrete pressures required is easy and economical–simply increase or decrease the spacing between the supporting frames, as appropriate The high-speed repositioning can be by crane or by travelling unit on rails or rollers

Products Details

NGM_Singside Wall Formwork_construction supporting frame_d

Products Application

  • Stop-ends for foundation slabs 

  • Retaining walls 

  • Casting against masonry walls  

  • Underground-railway construction projects 

  • Casting mass concrete 

  • For supporting starter-block formwork used in dam-building projects

NGM_Singside Wall Formwork_construction supporting frame_c


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